The EFQM Global Excellence Award is organised once a year and it is designed to recognise the world’s best performing organisations, whether private, public or non-profit. It recognises industry leaders with an indisputable track record of success in turning strategy into action and continuously improving their organisation’s performance.

Join us on the evening of Thursday, 4th March,
to celebrate the winners of the EFQM Global Excellence Award!

The Celebration Dinner & Award Ceremony

The Celebration Dinner and EFQM Excellence Award Ceremony will take place in the ABBAYE DE COLLONGES, located three miles outside the city of Lyon, on the bank of the river Saône. 

In the same way as the Auberge, the Abbaye has a history dating back to 1840. The mill on the banks of the Saône, which was behind the destiny of the Bocuse family, was destroyed for the construction of the Paris Lyon Marseille (P.L.M.) train line.  Slightly further away, the Bocuse family owned an old farmhouse that used to belong to the monks of Ile Barbe. This is what became the Abbaye de Collonges, a venue designed for celebrations and festivities, located on the banks of the Saône, 5 km from Lyon. The Abbaye, a homage to the monks of the Ile and to the Hôtel du Pont de Collonges.