The EFQM Global Excellence Award is organised once a year and it is designed to recognise the world’s best performing organisations, whether private, public or non-profit. It recognises industry leaders with an indisputable track record of success in turning strategy into action and continuously improving their organisation’s performance.

Join us on the evening of Wednesday, 23rd of October,
to celebrate the winners of the EFQM Global Excellence Award 2019!

The Celebration Dinner & Award Ceremony

The Celebration Dinner and EFQM Excellence Award Ceremony will take place in the EVENT CENTER TELAKKA (Henry Fordin katu 6, Helsinki,

Event Center Telakka used to be the headquarters of Ford Motor Company in Finland and also an automobile assembly factory. Established in 1946, originally named Ford Motor Company of Finland and later known as Oy Ford Ab. Located in Hernesaari, Southern Helsinki, near city center but close to sea and harbour, Hernesaari was ideal place for car factory.

Ford House, as commonly called, was enlarged by architect Kurt Simberg in 1965, when they built second floor and more office rooms. Nowadays the Ford House is protected by Finnish Heritage Agency and still keeps it’s 1965 outside looks. Factory was closed down 1997 and now Ford House accommodates besides Event Center Telakka, also Event production company Lataamo, Kinos Rentals, Also Starring and other media companies.